Lisa Hughes

“I joined Synergy searching for a change in my fitness routine and looking to get back into shape after baby number 3.  I am a mom of 3 girls: ages 6, 4 and 1.  I have tried numerous gym memberships, gone to boot camps and started running on and off over the years.  By participating in a weight loss program I lost weight after other pregnancies but this time I was looking for more.  I wanted to exercise in a smaller class setting, with a personalized coach that knows me and will push me further.  The first 6 months post natal I attended some other fitness classes and did some running but without the correct instruction I had hurt my knees.  This is when I contacted Bethany about her classes.  After some discussion with her, and close supervision I quickly became more confident in my abilities.  She pointed out the incorrect position of my squats and lunges and helped me fix these.  In 6 months I have really begun to work off a lot of that baby weight and more importantly have felt so much more confident and strong in the gym.  I said to my husband one day, some of these women in my class are so strong; I don’t want it to be about losing weight anymore, it’s about eating well, exercising, working hard and therefore becoming stronger.  I must say being in this gym feels so empowering; it’s such a positive environment.  I didn’t realize how much stronger I could be until I finally learned how to do a real squat and felt so great lifting over half my body weight while doing it!”

Jennifer Stewart

“In January 2013 I had my second baby and my second C-section. When my baby was four months old, I heard about Bethany’s new Hot Mamas program through a friend and decided to try it out.  When I first started at Synergy, I could hardly do a sit up or a push up.  That quickly changed.  I found that in the Hot Mamas classes, I worked harder and differently than I had before and I noticed great results.
As the weeks flew by, I noticed a big change in my strength, endurance and energy levels – at home and at the gym.   The exercise classes began to inspire healthy changes for my family as “health begets health.”   I began preparing healthier meals, jogging with my boys in the stroller and including my adolescent stepson in some workouts at home.  This really benefitted my family and rubbed off on my kids to the extent that my toddler began doing sprints pushing a stroller and burpees, just like Mommy!
I loved the Hot Mamas classes because they are always a challenge, no matter your fitness level.  I also love that you work out alongside other new Moms in a supportive group setting.  You quickly make friends and your baby begins to recognize the other babies in the group.  I started taking the classes because I wanted to get in shape and keep up with my children but never anticipated the results I would see. In December, when I had been going to Synergy for about eight months, I could not get over it when I was able to squat 95 pounds and lift 70 pounds with my chest press!  The Hot Mamas classes definitely kickstarted a new healthy lifestyle that my husband and sons have benefitted from.  My self-esteem has skyrocketed and for the first time in years, I FEEL beautiful, healthy and strong.”

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Kate February 18, 2014 at 10:59 am

Such amazing and strong mama’s, makes me so happy to see them recognized as client’s of the month! Keep up the hard work ladies, you’re inspiring to us all!


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