Heather Wotton

“I’m pretty excited to be nominated as one of the clients of the month with Synergy Fitness! I started classes with Bethany and her team almost a year ago, after realizing that I needed to make some changes to my fitness and diet routines.  I guess I’d put on the “freshman 15″ except it happened after my undergrad, was closer to 25lbs, and happened over 3 years.  I was looking at some old pictures of myself, knew I needed to get back in gear.  I promised myself that I’d start going to classes 3 times a week, and can remember being so sore after the first class that I didn’t even want to walk up the stairs to the second one, but I went and I’m so happy I stuck with it.  One of the reasons (or excuses) I’d been using to avoid exercise was a shoulder injury.  The small class sizes made it really easy to ask the trainers for alternative exercises and to have them watch you to point out mistakes in your form.  While writing this, I realized that its been a long time since I’ve had any pain in my shoulder, the muscle I’ve built to help support it makes a huge difference.I really love the sense of community in the classes, there’s always friendly banter within the group, and friendly reminders that if you have the energy to talk you’re not working hard enough.    I’ve found that I’m proud of myself every time I’m able to increase my weights or reps during class, and it’s a good feeling!”

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char March 26, 2014 at 2:00 pm

Way to go Heather!!!! You are an example for all of us!! You’re always there with a smile, words of encouragement, or a chirp to get us moving. Congrats! Great pick Morgan 🙂


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