I’m Back!!!!

by Bethany Vessey, Registered Dietitian on February 26, 2013

Hey everyone! Sorry about the 3 week hiatus! My husband and I are so very happy to announce the arrival of our healthy little man Nolan Stuart Vessey. He was born Feb 1, 2013 at 7:12AM. These past 3 weeks have definitely been a roller coaster of emotions and schedules. We are now only starting to feel like we have a groove going; however, if there is anything I have learned over these last 3 weeks it’s to expect the unexpected with a baby, nothing will be routine again and I no longer have control over my schedule. Big learning curve for me, being a control freak and all, but I welcome it all the same.

This Thursday I will be posting our next nutrition challenge in our 20-13 Challenge. Today I would just like to just recap where we all should be and should have been maintaining over these last few weeks.

Currently we should all be accomplishing or striving daily/weekly to accomplish:
Week 1: No less than 8 cups of water/day
Week 2: We should be trying to consume our daily recommendation of omega 3 fats through our food
Week 3: We should be trying to consume our daily recommendation of fiber through our food
Week 4: We should be incorporating 2 vegetarian or meatless meal time options/week

For week 4 we also had a contest where you were suppose to submit vegetarian/meatless recipes for facebook shares and likes to receive ballets towards a draw for a food processor. The draw for the food processor was Feb 7/13 and the winner was Susan Campbell!!!! Congrats Susan on winning your new food processor and thanks for your recipe posts!!!!

For the next 2 days be sure to make sure you get back on track with the above challenges, if any have faltered and if not keep up the good work and prepare for the next challenge which will be posted Thursday!

I am excited about being back! We have 6 more weeks of nutrition challenges and then we will begin our fitness portion of the 20-13 challenge. Take care everyone and I will be back again soon!

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