Are you looking for a new fitness challenge or to take your nutrition to the next level? Or maybe you are looking to make a complete lifestyle change? Either way, when choosing to make these changes, knowing where to go for the right advice and the best results can seem overwhelming.

Everyone in the fitness and nutrition industry promises the BEST results! But how do you know that is what you will actually receive?
“The best rule of thumb when choosing a fitness and nutrition organization is to ensure the company’s heath professional(s) have obtained and continue to receive the highest quality of education and experience within the fitness and nutrition industries!

Synergy Fitness and Nutrition is made up of a team of fitness and nutrition professionals who have received and continue to pursue higher levels of education in the area of fitness and nutrition. IT IS OUR LIFE! We take our jobs very seriously and your LONG TERM success is used to measure our own success! We promise no magic tricks, no quick fixes, no gimmicks, just results! We do not promote diet aids, weight loss supplements, metabolic boosters, or appetite suppressants; we promote healthy eating for your specific body type, lifestyle, and preferences, along with balanced active living. The Synergy Fitness and Nutrition program is designed for long term results. We provide you with the most effective, efficient, and sustaining information, education, and behavioral modification strategies to make healthy eating and active living a normal routine in your life.

If you are trying to choose the right program for you please be sure to read our blog post on “Choosing the right Fitness and/or Nutrition professional”. This post will help you make a more informed choice when trying to choose the right program for you!