Mindful Eating in 2016

by Bailey Green Dietitian Candidate on January 2, 2016

2016 is upon us, and what’s a new year without a resolution? If you’re like a lot of people, one of your goals for 2016 could be to eat healthy or to lose weight. Easier said than done for most of us!

 For the first few weeks of every new year, it seems that we can’t go 5 minutes without seeing a new diet, cleanse, skin-wrap, or other quick fix to help us make a change. Unfortunately, these “solutions” are often extremely costly and ineffective.  We all know deep down that making a lifestyle change is the only way to create lasting results – but where does one even begin?

 One of the biggest changes you can make without paying a cent is employing a technique called “mindful eating.” The concept is simple. Mindful eating is simply eating with both intention and attention. Eliminating distraction while eating and fully enjoying the experience of eating also play a role in eating mindfully. Making this small change can not only help prevent you from overeating, but help you enjoy your meals more. Some tips to help you eat mindfully include:

 Eat slowly – Taking the time to eat not only allows you to fully enjoy all of the flavours, but also increases the chances that you won’t overeat. This is because when we eat more slowly, we’re more likely to recognize when we are really full.

 Limit screen time and other distractions – Keep your focus on the meal. Watching TV, using your phone or laptop, or eating while driving can all be very distracting. Taking focus away from your meal can not only cause you to continue to eat after you’re full, but can also take away from the overall enjoyment of the food.

 Avoid eating on autopilot – How often do we find ourselves grabbing the same thing for breakfast, lunch, or supper day in and day out? Switching things up and trying something can be exciting, and may trigger you to focus on your new meal a little bit more.

 Using these simple tips can start you out on the right foot this new year. Best of luck, and happy new year!



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