Paige’s Granola Recipe!

by Bethany Vessey, Registered Dietitian on January 21, 2013 · 3 comments

Soooo, how are the challenges going??? Only 3 days left before I tack on another nutrition challenge! I hope everyone is starting feel as if the water is no longer a challenge.

As promised here is Paige’s super yummy granola recipe. I planning to make it today myself along with my “No Ordinary Soup” recipe! Maybe this is nesting haha! I am pumped as 1 serving of Paige’s granola will meet my Omega 3 challenge and give me 4 grams of fiber; pair that with 2 servings of the soup at 6 grams of fiber there is 1/3 of my fiber intake in 2 meals! Not to mention I will likely throw 1 cup of blueberries on the granola with yogurt for breakfast which would add another 6 grams of fiber!!! 16 grams of fiber in 2 meals, easy peasy!

Thanks for the share Paige!

Talk to everyone soon!

Paige’s Granola

52 Servings

1/4 cup servings

6cups oats
1cup almonds
1cup hazelnuts
1cup peacans
1/2cup chia seeds (sometimes I use hemp hearts)
1/2cup ground flax seed
1/2cup whole flax seed
1/2cup oat bran

Mix together a 1/4 cup oil and 1 cup natural honey with a tbsp of
cinnamon and a teaspoon of vanilla
once it is well mixed stir into the granola mixture.

I spread it over two cookie sheets nice and thin and bake it at 325
for 20-25min. When it comes out it is still a little soft. That's when
I add a cup of raisins and a cup of either dried cranberries or dried
cherries (depends on whats in my cupboard!) I don't put them in the
oven because they get hard and hurt your teeth! I also chop dates and
throw them in sometimes too.. this is really a granola that just comes
from what is in my cupboard!

So once the fruit is added in I let it cool on the counter until it is
crunchy! Then I put it in mason jars or ziplock bags. OKeeee hope you
folks like :) I just had my fresh batch for breakfast and it was

CALORIES (kCal) 167
FAT (g) 8.25
TRANS FAT (g) 0.026
SODIUM (mg) 0
FIBRE (g) 3.8
SUGARS (g) 9.56
PROTEIN (g) 4.44
VITAMIN A (µg) 0
VITAMIN C (mg) 0.3
CALCIUM (mg) 44
IRON (mg) 1.18
Susan January 23, 2013 at 4:42 pm

Any ideas what the hazelnut and pecans can be replaced with? Just more almonds?

Bethany Vessey January 24, 2013 at 8:54 am

Any other nut that you are able to eat. There are no rules. Just keep the portions the same! Hope you enjoy! I have been loving it!

Susan February 4, 2013 at 12:49 pm

This is so good! Plus, it leaves a great aroma in the house!

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