Rachel was one of our many ROCKSTARS! She started the Synergy Program with it first started as Never Go Back (NGB) back in 2009. Rachel is no longer with us as she has moved to New Brunswick to follow her husbands career; however healthy eating and active living is still a big part of her life. Be sure to take a read and get inspired by Rachel and her great success!

After attending the free class, I have to admit, later that night I could barely walk.  I was sore, and that made me second guess if I really wanted to put myself through this pain. Before joining I had to ask myself, what is my goal?  My true goal was to get in shape and to be comfortable with myself.  Being a mom of two children, it can be hard to find time to workout.  NGB Boot Camp worked with my busy schedule, giving me 3 workouts a week and a full body workout every time. NGB Boot Camp not only provided me with an environment to improve my physical fitness it also gave me the opportunity to meet new, motivating, and friendly people.

I knew if I had the will I would manage to find a way; who ever said looking good would be easy?  I was ready to work and boy did it pay off. When my journey started in July, I was so pumped but at the same time scared. I was very worried I would not be able to keep up; however, in the end I did not just do one 8 week session, I did two!  The instructors high energy and great attitudes help push you and there are no way you will not be motivated to continue.  Yes sometimes I felt like quitting but the instructors were there helping and encouraging me the whole way.

During my first fit test, I was unable to perform one full push up but by the end of the program I was able to get almost 10 done from my toes! The Boot Camp has also given me the ability to perform perfect form in order to prevent injury and see results. Also one of my greatest accomplishment was that I had completed two 5K runs; one with the Boot Camps ladies and one on my own. I truly feel that the Boot Camp gave me the strength and confidence to do these runs and now this year, I’m looking forward to doing the Terry Fox run that will be held on the confederation bridge.

When I heard bootcamp was being offered again in the spring, I was so excited and the beginning of the program could not come quick enough.

My experience with the Boot Camp has been nothing else but positive, I have managed to get toned and receive tones of comments about my body change, and this is why I really want to stress what makes this program so successful. The participant dedication and how wonderful the instructors are is really like nothing else!  Every workout is extremely motivating and you are guided in all your workouts while still having fun. Your confidence grows after every workout.  The instructors are positive and energetic and it is very contagious, giving you every reason not to give up and to keep working hard.  The great instructors have been such an inspiration in my workouts and experience with the boot camp. For all these reasons and many more this is why I can’t wait for the NGB Boot Camp to start again.  Also with this Boot Camp you don’t only receive creditable and inspiring fitness education you also get invaluable nutrition information also!

The energy and effort you put in the program, along with the help of the instructors, will be the outcomes you will get from the Boot Camp-the more you push yourself the more success you will have.  Hope to see you all this spring, you will not be disappointed with this program!