Start The New Year Off Right!

by Bethany Vessey, Registered Dietitian on January 2, 2014

There are many ways one can get back to healthy eating or start it for that matter. After a busy holiday season of late nights and not so great food choices here is a quick and easy list of things I like to do to get back on track and start my new year off right!

1: Meal Plan!!!! I will say this over and over again!! It is literally the BEST thing you can do to stay organized and on track with your nutrition goals! Here are some great links on neat tips to meal planning!

a) I love this two ideas as they are a great way to involve the whole family in the planning process! Family meal planning idea #1
Family meal planning idea #2

b) Crock pot recipes are always a great way to save on time! Here is one I am planning to try next! Chicken and Shrimp Jamalaya

2: Focus on your water intake! I find during a busy time the first thing that goes for not only my clients but myself is water intake. Here are some great ways you can get more water!

a) Buy a few reusable water bottles and keep them where you spend the most of your day! One at your desk, one at home, one in the car!

b) Add fruits to your water! Lemon, lime, oranges, or  berries. Even cucumber and mint can add a lot of flavor to water!

c) Drink 5ooml of water as soon as you wake up. This is a great way to start the day esp if you wake up dehydrated and it could help your determine the difference between feeling thirsty or hungry later on in the day!

3: Prep your snacks ahead of time! I find that if I pre wash and cut my fruits and veggies ahead of time (as soon as I buy them) then they are so easy to just grab and go. I am then less likely to choose more processed foods as snacks! Here are some ways I preprep my foods!

a) Slice peppers into strips and store in a baggie or tupperware dish: This way they are quick to add to a meal or take with hummus as a snack!

b) Peel and slice carrots and celery and place in a tupperware dish with water. This not only preserves the veggies longer it also makes then a quick options for snacks and meals!

c) Make a large salad and store in a tupperware dish: I use this salad throughout the week to make quick sandwiches and wraps. By just taking a few handfuls of the salad, hummus and cheese and placing it in a wrap you can have a very easy and healthy lunch option!

4: Make foods with leftovers! Having things like homemade granola, muffins, granola bars, and frozen meals available is such a great idea and they can help make the difference between healthy food choices and unhealthy food choices. Check out these recipes below and set a day this week to premake some foods to help make the next few weeks healthier ones!

a) Paige’s Granola! Makes a great breakfast or lunch when paired with yogurt and fruit!

b) Mexican Quinoa Casserole! Makes great leftovers that can be frozen for those busy nights or when you just don’t feel like cooking!

c) 7 Healthy Muffin Recipes!! Enough said! They look delish!

d) Granola Bars! These a healthy and tasty alternative to a old favorite! Very easy to make. Just store them in your freezer and you have a quick and easy snack option!

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