At Synergy Fitness & Nutrition, we do not believe in “Targeted Training”. To see optimal results you fitness program should encompass all aspects of physical strength, including, upper, lower, strength, cardiovascular strength, and flexibility.

Another philosophy we hold dear and near is that “EVERYTHING IN HUMAN MOVEMENT STEMS FROM YOUR CORE”. For this reason we have Synergy Burn.

Synergy Burn is a 60 minute ab intensive class that is focus solely on the development of your core strength! During this class you will be pushed to complete a series of abdominal and back movements to help strengthen your core. During this class our focus is to provide you with a better understanding of the functional movements of the core in human movement, while not only providing you with better core strength but better overall balance within your body.

Synergy Burn can help you lift better, move faster, jump higher all while reducing your risk for injury not only in training but your daily life.

Once you have been advance from our Prep Program into our regular class schedule be sure to try out a burn class today and learn what it really means to “Feel the Burn!”