Cardio not your strength? Or maybe you are looking for speed training ideas, or someone to push you through a speed training workout to complement your endurance training?

Every program should include cardio training and it is good practice that all cardio training programs should encompass speed training. Now since we feel that you can do endurance running easier on your own with minimal risk of injury we have therefore chosen to provide speed training classes. Speed training can not only help your burn maximum calories, while sparing your muscle mass, it can also increase agility and speed in movement and exercise technique.

At Synergy’s 60 minute Drenched class you could find yourself participating in running intervals, hills or sprints intervals, plyometrics, stairs, jump ropes, and so much more! No two classes are EVER  alike, but they all have the same goal, to make you DRENCHED!

Be sure to come check out a Synergy Drenched Class today!