What We Can Learn from Pro Athletes

by Kris MacPhee on March 3, 2014 · 1 comment

Over the past number of years I have had the opportunity to work with a number of quality athletes including NHL Players, Olympic Medalists, and promising amateur athletes.  During this time I have also worked with many non-athletes or people with a non-athletic focus.  I constantly am asked by these people what type of workouts I do with my “Pro” athletes and how much stronger and faster are they then they average person?  Certainly, anyone who can achieve elite status within their sport must have a high sport specific fitness base but in many cases what truly makes an athlete “elite” is found in their approach to training whether it be on the field, ice, gym, etc.  Here are 5 areas that pros separate themselves from the rest, and also these are 5 ways that anyone can improve their approach to fitness.
•    Set Goals
This is an element of their training that is constantly on their mind and reflected in their lifestyle and training habits.  They will set short term goals to ensure that they are on pace and keep their motivation high, but will always be aware of where they want to be months and years down the road.

•    Expert Advice and Coaching
Pro athletes want to devote all of their energies into the process and not have to worry about workout and program design.  They feed off expert advice and coaching which provides them with confidence and decreases anxiety.  There is a very high level of respect and trust in this relationship and it will not work any other way.  Communication and feedback are also a major part of this.  My pro athletes probably benefit the most of any clients I have simply because they are constantly asking questions and craving feedback.

•    Honest Evaluation of Strength and Weakness
Pro’s recognize that in order to improve they must first be able to pin-point the areas of which they are good and bad.  Deliberate training is used to bring their weaker abilities up to speed without taking their strengths for granted.  Typically, these athletes thrive on the challenge of improving the areas that don’t come natural for them.

•    Consistency
Pro’s understand that anything worth striving for takes focused time and effort.  They are consistent in attendance, punctuality, work ethic, attention to detail, and discipline.  You can do an exercise to get it done or you can do an exercise to get better.  Small details make a big difference and you see that with pro athletes.

•    Attitude
They bring a positive attitude to the gym and they have fun! No fitness group or team that I work with has as much fun as my pro group.  There is a higher amount of positive chatter, camaraderie, and humor present in my pro groups than any other group simply because they embrace the difficulties, except the challenges, and take an active role in creating a fun and productive environment.

Bill March 3, 2014 at 8:56 pm

Must be talking about the Joes!!!!

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